Information for the print nerd



DIGITAL: toner based printing that creates crisp, beautiful images on large and small run projects.
OFFSET: ink based printing that combines natural pigments with a soy / vegetable base (it's vegan friendly!). 80% of print is made this way.
LETTERPRESS: the oldest print process that combines ink, copper plates and pressure to achieve a fine product that is sure to impress.
FOIL STAMPING: uses thin rolls of foil that are heated and pressed on the paper for a shiny metallic look. Ooh la la!


We can add different coatings over the top of any print process to add a special and unique look to your piece:
Matte, Dull, Satin, Gloss, UV, Holographic, Clear, Clear Pearls and Colored Tints


What else do you want? It’s probably in the list below:
Cutting, Folding, Kitting, Taping, Scoring, Perfing, Banding, Shrink Wrapping, Assembly, Gluing, Die Cutting, Embossing, De-bossing, Collating, Hole Punching, Round Cornering, Mailing, Laminating, Stapling, Binding, Fulfillment

What We Print On

PAPER: We can print on any type of paper and the options are endless: thin, thick, textured, shiny, smooth, rough and any color of the rainbow. Come on in and check out our paper assortment.
WOOD: We can also print on wood veneer and even actual wood up to 1/4 inch thick. It's magic.
PLASTIC: It's called polypropylene and it prints like paper. It’s for those who like to take their printing for a swim or just don’t want it to tear. Bring in your Arnold Arms and see if you can rip it...
MAGNETS: Print and stick to your car or fridge.